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Small Ol' Settlers Pet Bandana

Small Ol' Settlers Pet Bandana

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The Small Ol' Settlers Pet Bandana – the perfect accessory for your petite pals with big Texan hearts! Crafted by Texas Settlers Co, this bandana is designed specifically for small pets, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Texas Settlers Pet Bandana adds a touch of Lone Star State charm to your little friend's wardrobe. The petite size and lightweight feel make it an ideal accessory for tiny furballs who want to showcase their Texan pride.

Whether your tiny companion is strutting around the living room or making an appearance at a small pet gathering, this bandana is a delightful addition to their ensemble. The iconic Texas Settlers Co branding adds a dash of rustic elegance, perfect for your small pet's unique style.

Design: One-Sided Design
Size: 20" x 9.75″
Material: Soft Spun Poly
Care: Machine-Wash Warm Tumble Dry
Pre-constructed item. Size Variance +/- 1, white fibers may be visible
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