Bout’ Our Roots

At Texas Settlers Co., our story is woven from the vast expanse of the Lone Star State. Raised on the largest land under one fence, our roots delve into the heart of Texas living – from hunting and camping along its sprawling landscapes to riding the rivers that carve through its soul. We've found solace in the rugged beauty of Palo Duro, embraced the thrill of camping under its open skies, and sailed the Gulf's deep waters in pursuit of the perfect catch.

Our tale is more than just a journey through Texas terrain; it's a narrative shaped by the rich tapestry of heritage. With ancestry tracing back to Hispanic and Native American roots, as well as the pioneers of ol' Tennessee, Texas Settlers Co. embodies a fusion of cultures and histories. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Texas – where adventure, tradition, and diversity converge under the vast Texan sky.

The Texas Spirit Lives Here.