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Lighthouse Rock Trail 1933

Lighthouse Rock Trail 1933

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In the heart of Palo Duro Canyon, where the echoes of settlers whisper through the rustling canyon winds, there's a trail that weaves through time – The Lighthouse Trail. Picture this: a trail bathed in the golden hues of the Texan sun, as if painted with the very essence of history and adventure.

Your journey begins at dawn, the air crisp and infused with the scent of sagebrush. The path, worn by generations of pioneers, leads you towards the iconic Lighthouse Rock. Along the way, vibrant wildflowers dance in the breeze, their colors reminiscent of the vibrant tales of Texas settlers.

Colors: Blue Spruce, Blue Jean, Crimson, Denim, Light Green, Orchid, Pepper, Topaz Blue and White.

Pigment Dye Colors: These colors provide a vintage look that will remain for the life of the garment
Material: 80% Ring Spun US Cotton / 20% Polyester with a 100% cotton face Fit: Relaxed
Care: Machine Wash Cold

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